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You cook??

That was a question popped out from my (lady) boss mouth, and my answer was ‘Yes’. Which she said “That is insane. What time do you normally awake to prepare breakfast?” . “uh I dunno 4.00 a.m. or 5.00 a.m. … Continue reading

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Challenges of a Working Mommies

The above topic is not new. Google it and a numerous list of this similar topic will pop out on the screen. Not all working mom survive the challenges in satisfying the demands from office and home. Often; at least … Continue reading

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Under Pressure

Last Monday I was really under pressure. I broke down at my cubicle. I cried and tears running like a waterfall. It all happens when I received an email from my boss. Frankly I don’t mind being monitored puts … Continue reading

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Clash of personality; Right vs Left Brained

I’m a right brained person. Yup and I’m proud with that fact. This means I’m a creative and appreciate  big picture. Details, numbers and other things associate with this two suffocate me. I have issue in dealing with mechanical and … Continue reading

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Thanks to my kids and husband who conquer television and computer, I am now rekindle myself with my old interest; reading. I found peace in’s like an escapism. Me myself in my own world; imaginative world away from hustling and … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Hello world! Welcome to my blog! I don’t know why but suddenly I have this urge to have a blog. My life is not that interesting to made known to everybody anyway, but this will serve as a platform for … Continue reading

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