You cook??

That was a question popped out from my (lady) boss mouth, and my answer was ‘Yes’. Which she said “That is insane. What time do you normally awake to prepare breakfast?” . “uh I dunno 4.00 a.m. or 5.00 a.m. depends” I replied.  “No wonder you are tired” she commented and recommended few ‘solution’ to my so-called ‘problem’.

It’s my choice to cook. Frankly, I don’t really fancy cooking. Unlike my mom, she was a kitchen goddess.  She would just threw things in a pot or pans and viola! a delicious meal was produced. Me? If there is an option, I will opt for other house work i.e., cleaning, sweeping, dusting, etc.

Let’s cookin’

However, ever since my position was upgraded as a ‘mother’, I prefer to cook instead of dining out. Why?

1. One of the methods to produce an obedient, humble and quality future leader

There is no scientific evidence of the above statement. My mom, and I also heard old folks used to say that whenever a mom cook, the juice from a mom’s hand or in malay term ‘air tangan’ can shape a children to be obedient. It’s probably true. I remembered when I was small, I never raised my voice to my parents or disobey their orders.

Smart mommies should use this opportunities to dzikir while cooking. I’ve attended a motivational talk where a motivator shared with the audience about the effect of words and food. He also performed a simple experiment. It’s hard to describe the experiment but in summary, the negative wave of nasty words transferred to a food will produce a negative thoughts, emotion, value to those who consume the food, and vice versa.

2. Health & Safety Reason

Health is wealth. Meal that prepared at home will be secured from any elements that may be harmed your family’s health. On contrary, restaurant or food stall operators may ignore this aspect; the might not clean the raw material properly as for them what they value is volume of customer so they need to do things fast.

3. Cost saving

Dining out may definitely will create a hole (if not burnt) in your pocket.

“But I don’t know how to cook :(“. Learn my dear, learn. Google and YouTube is always there to help us.

Remember Rome was not build in a day, and start small…with a simple dish.

Good Luck to me and you.


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3 Responses to You cook??

  1. Yinmin C says:

    I always admire people who can cook. Yes, all of us can cook, at the least, from raw food to smth that is fully cooked. Put aside the taste and texture… Also, i love reading and flipping pages in the cook book. Imagined myself cooking this and that, bookmarking those interesting yet simple ingredients and less cooking time dishes. Should i blame my workloads or lack of self motivation.. i ended up leaving those bookmarks behind and turning back to ‘simple home cook’ .. frying eggs, steam veges.. steam fish and tofu… But yeah.. not bad tho .. haha. This year’s resolution, baking italian style pizza.. ><. I must succeed !!

    • adnadnan says:

      Wow Chung!!! Congratulations! not many working people dare to challenge themselves like what you just did! U know should apply KM while cooking! Yes I’m serious..document your step by step cooking method and put it in a blog. Trust me you’ll enjoy it more! Good Luck!

  2. Mama Pongkey says:

    I cook. Well, I try to, most days. Our reasons are for health. At home we use the best ingredients we can afford, while omitting ingredients that are not suitable for our bodies. The simplest homecooked meal can often be the most nutritious. Although sometimes it is fun to pretend to be a fancy la-di-da TV chef too, with somewhat in-te-res-ting results, mostly un-bloggable. 🙂

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