Guilty Feeling

I had lunch with my hubby last Tuesday in a restaurant. I know I have to watch what I’m eating…but somehow after I ‘carefully’ browse the menu, I couldn’t resist my temptation to have Spaghetti Carbonara. Yes. Spaghetti Carbonara that laden with cheese, fat and carbohydrate; which in short very ‘friendly’ to my tummy and body :p. It’s has been a while since my last bite of Spaghetti Carbonara so I think it’s ok if I choose it for my lunch.

Spaghetti Carbonara

After a while, a waiter handed over a plate of Spaghetti Carbonara that I ordered and the moment my tongue touched it, I feel like I’m in a different was so delicious.

I hope I can finish it all without any guilty feeling but after 3 spoon, I can’t pretend to be ‘ok’ anymore..I have to stop..but I can’t cause I ordered it and I need to finish it 😦  Yup, serve me right!

..And the worst part is, I still feel guilty though it happened a week ago. And whenever my waist can’t fit my jeans, I regret that carbonara experience 😦







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  1. tangjin3600Nice post . Cheers for,tangjin3600 writing on this blog page man! I will message you some time. I did not realise that!

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