GPS and me; a love-hate relationship


One of the modern technologies that I love most is GPS. It’s handy tools that helps you to reach a location that you are unfamiliar with. Ideally, with GPS you need not to worry about getting lost.

Nonetheless, like other relationship, there is always ups and downs moments. There are few instances where I was attentively driving and suddenly my GPS goes frozen with a message “No GPS signal”. When I was first time experienced this, I was panicked and busily try to bring the GPS signal to live and then..bang! I hit a car in front of me 😦  and I ended up have to give a lengthy reason and justification and apology to the car owner and in addition have to forego my 100 bucks for the car owner to repair his car and I have to send my car for repair and cost me RM 800 and (i know too many ‘and’, right?) worst is I just bought that car..about a week.. 😦

Probably the above doesn’t happen in a western countries..probably their map is reliable and frequently updated up there in a sky. 

So, am I lost faith to GPS? well.. it’s hard to tell.. it does correctly lead you to desired location when it’s mood (GPS signal)  is okay 😐


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2 Responses to GPS and me; a love-hate relationship

  1. Mama Pongkey says:

    I use a combo of Google map and sometimes, my instincts. I get lost many many times hahahah.
    GPS : Guna Pun Sesat.

    • adnadnan says:

      Sometimes I also use Google map..but the flaw is doesn’t have any voice to advice me where to go. Now am using waze..kinda cute but it also depends on GPS signal.. yeppp Guna Pun Sesat :p..

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