It’s been a while

Wow…can’t remember last time am here writing my thoughts, feelings, experience, life learning, etc. Worst is.. I simply don’t have any reason at all… busy? maybe.. tired? well could be.. The thing is not easy to develop a new routine’s true but it shouldn’t be a reason not to write.., right?

Anyway..let’s not look’s not gonna bring me anywhere..I should move forward..YES..I’ll try to be discipline and write more..well at least once a month..

See ya

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Guilty Feeling

I had lunch with my hubby last Tuesday in a restaurant. I know I have to watch what I’m eating…but somehow after I ‘carefully’ browse the menu, I couldn’t resist my temptation to have Spaghetti Carbonara. Yes. Spaghetti Carbonara that laden with cheese, fat and carbohydrate; which in short very ‘friendly’ to my tummy and body :p. It’s has been a while since my last bite of Spaghetti Carbonara so I think it’s ok if I choose it for my lunch.

Spaghetti Carbonara

After a while, a waiter handed over a plate of Spaghetti Carbonara that I ordered and the moment my tongue touched it, I feel like I’m in a different was so delicious.

I hope I can finish it all without any guilty feeling but after 3 spoon, I can’t pretend to be ‘ok’ anymore..I have to stop..but I can’t cause I ordered it and I need to finish it ūüė¶ ¬†Yup, serve me right!

..And the worst part is, I still feel guilty though it happened a week ago. And whenever my waist can’t fit my jeans, I regret that carbonara experience ūüė¶






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I think she should write a book

I just got to know one of my friends grow her own plants; vegetables, herbs and flowers. She has a blog and document the progress of her plants; from the early stage of seeding, fertilizing, etc. She showed me the blog and I admire her patience in growing a plant.

She said in the beginning she stumble into mistakes too but as she go along, she learns from her experience and it matures her. She is also active in online forum for gardener Рa platform where a group of gardener virtually meet up and exchange tips, idea, solving problem and learn from each other.

I asked her to write a book about her plants but she was reluctant and in confidence  She said she is new in this gardening thing and she fears that no one will buy and read her book.

I seriously think she should write a book.

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You cook??

You cook??.

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Redefine Our Job Title

I believe one way to motivate ourselves to give the fullest to our job is by redefining our job title. What I’m saying is we need to find meaning behind our ‘designation’.

I admit that it ain’t an easy exercise but once you find the meaning behind your job, you will treat your job differently. For example, a man selling newspaper. His job title may be “Newspaper Seller”, but what his job really means is he “provides a platform for the masses to access the current affairs and knowledge as a catalyst to build intellectual and knowledgeable society”. Now, how does that sound?

A housewife is not just a mere homemaker but someone who is “responsible to design and develop strategy to produce future leaders that includes provide necessary nutrition, required education and cultivate self-discipline without compromising a healthy and fun environment”.

When you find meaning in your job, regardless what is your position in an organization, you will feel different knowing that you contribute to something big.

Now, why don’t you give it a try.

Let’s find meaning behind your job title.

Good Luck ūüôā

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You cook??

That was a question popped out from my (lady) boss mouth, and my answer was ‘Yes’. Which she said “That is insane. What time do you normally awake to prepare breakfast?” . “uh I dunno 4.00 a.m. or 5.00 a.m. depends” I replied. ¬†“No wonder you are tired” she commented and recommended few ‘solution’ to my so-called ‘problem’.

It’s my choice to cook. Frankly, I don’t really fancy cooking. Unlike my mom, she was a kitchen¬†goddess. ¬†She would just threw things in a pot or pans and viola! a delicious meal was produced. Me? If there is an option, I will opt for other house work i.e., cleaning, sweeping, dusting, etc.

Let’s cookin’

However,¬†ever since my position was upgraded as a ‘mother’, I prefer to cook instead of dining out. Why?

1. One of the methods to produce an obedient, humble and quality future leader

There is no scientific evidence of the above statement. My mom, and I also heard old folks used to say that whenever a mom cook, the juice from a mom’s hand or in malay term ‘air tangan’ can shape a children to be obedient. It’s probably true. I remembered when I was small, I never raised my voice to my parents or disobey their orders.

Smart mommies should use this opportunities to dzikir while cooking. I’ve attended a motivational talk where a motivator shared with the audience about the effect of words and food. He also performed a simple experiment. It’s hard to describe the experiment but in summary, the negative wave of nasty words transferred to a food will produce a negative thoughts, emotion, value to those who consume the food, and vice¬†versa.

2. Health & Safety Reason

Health is wealth. Meal that prepared at home will be secured from any elements that may be harmed your family’s health. On contrary, restaurant or food stall operators may ignore this aspect; the might not clean the raw material properly as for them what they value is volume of customer so they need to do things fast.

3. Cost saving

Dining out may definitely will create a hole (if not burnt) in your pocket.

“But I don’t know how to cook :(“. Learn my dear, learn. Google and YouTube is always there to help us.

Remember Rome was not build in a day, and start small…with a simple dish.

Good Luck to me and you.

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Challenges of a Working Mommies

The above topic is not new. Google it and a numerous list of this similar topic will pop out on the screen. Not all working mom survive the challenges in satisfying the demands from office and home. Often; at least in Malaysia, mommies has to choose either one; career or family. I’m not sure about the statistic but those who opt for career will have to face the consequences of difficult ambiance in her family whereas those who opt to focus more on her family may encounter career related issues.

Quitting may not help to build our nation too as the talented brains were not capitalized.

In order to overcome this issue, most Malaysian mommies hire a helper/ maid to run things at home while they are away. This action may reduce the ‘juggling’ issue encountered by mommies but sometimes new problem arises for example; maid running away, maid abuse the kids, etc.

I believe one of the solutions of this ‘situation’ is to establish a mommy-friendly policies in a company/ organization. Indeed the Labour Law says that an employee need to spend a minimum of 8 hrs a day in a office but I’m pretty sure we can have a room for ‘negotiation’. In short the following are two suggestions to be considered as an input in developing the mommy-friendly policies:

1. Allow mommies to work from home for certain numbers of days in a week.

Most of the advance countries i.e. America, United Kingdom, Australia, etc has implemented this for ages and there is no record indicated this move contributed to a decrease in staff’s level of productivity.

This move will certainly helps mommies to focus on their tasks as they are secure that their love ones are growing up in front of them. Meanwhile the kids will get a full attention and love from their own mother which in return will help in shaping and nurture the kids to be a better person.

In addition work from home will help the mommies to save their earnings from commuting.

2. Allow mommies to leave early from office.

Another option is to allow mommies to leave early from office. This can be implemented with a simple and reasonable terms & condition; for example should a female staff wishes to leave early from a workplace, she can do so in a condition that her pay will be reduced by xxx amount.

On contrary, any female staff who are into chasing a career ladder are welcome to stay in the office until the cat grows a horn.

By implementing this, I bet both organisation and employee will reach a win-win situation. Staff will be happy and produce good and quality deliverable which in return helps an organisation to boost the company performance.

Well..think about it. You never know until you try..

Till later.

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